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Stickers - Bundle


Stickers - Bundle


Apply is a new kind of sticker brand. They make the best stickers on the planet, and are all about fostering creativity. I gave Apply the “Carte Blanche” to use my work to make an ensemble of funny colorful stickers. They came up with an Olaf Breuning Set, containing four products packed full of stickers: “Sardines”, “Brush Up”, “Peek-A-Boo”, and “The Hangover”. All of them come in an orange Apply folder with instructions & other surprises. There’s even a “golden ticket” involved (hello Chocolate Factory!), original works by yours truly.A very complex sticker collection that unveils unexpected visual combinations while applying and being creative. I like collaborations like this one; I create artwork and someone else does something new and creative with it, something I would never think about doing myself. What results is being surprised by my own work! The Sets are a numbered edition of 500.
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