2018 I went on a family trip to Acadia National Park in Maine. Of course, I researched ahead if there is anything I could take advantage of while taking vacations. It’s always good to have an excellent time with your family but even more satisfying to create a new artwork while doing so. Maybe in my case, it eases the guilt of not working a little. Especially since I am a father, there is a permanent fight between the timeshare of my two children: my daughter and my work. I like both, so I try to improvise. In the case of Bubble Rock, it was an enjoyable experience. A beautiful hike and quick photoshoot. Before we left, I went to a copy shop to print out the eyes and the tongue as a giant sticker. I thought it is funny to use the Rolling Stones tongue since it is a rolling stone or looks like one.

Bubble Rock is a photo I would love to hang in my living room. The image reminds in a gentle and humoristic way how nature must feel at this moment. Again, I am aware, nature does not care, but we should. It’s us humans pushing our natural livelihood out of balance. It’s also just a funny photo, and this can be reason enough to like something. And often, as I create my artworks, some of them are love at first sight, and Bubble Rock is that for me.

Bubble Rock, 2018, C-Print, 6 Ed. + 2 AP: 122 x 155 cm (48 x 61 in.)

Acadia National Park in Maine