Foundation Carmignac invited me to develop an outdoor sculpture idea for their new planned sculpture park in Porquerolles, south of France. On the train from Zuerich to Paris, I made several sketches I presented to Mr. Edourard Carmignac later that day in his office. We both agreed that Mother Nature would be the perfect fit for the sculpture park on the beautiful island. Production started with my dear producer in Switzerland, Martin Hoppler. These projects take time, but I never have to worry about missing a deadline with Martin.
He installed the piece 2018 ready for the grand opening, where I went to celebrate the new park and my sculpture. It was a big event with many artists present, all showing newly produced art pieces for the Foundation. And as we know, the French know how to make official parties; it was a fantastic event.

Mother Nature symbolizes the simple fact that nature will eat us at one point. Not to be pessimistic, but just the reality that we as humans are present for about two hundred thousand years and nature for 4.5 Billion years. Again, I don’t want to be negative, but I do not think that we will last for another 4.5 Billion years before nature, the earth, will be gone. Plus the fact that we are nature and we so often forget that.

Mother Nature, 2018, aluminum, metal structure, car paint, 450 cm x 350 cm, @foundation carmignac