The “Home” series contains three movies, all about 30 minutes long and filmed between 2005 – 2012. Brain Kerstetter is the leading actor in all the Home movies. His character symbolizes a naive western man who confronts the world in an innocent and self-observing way — pushing the envelope on many levels, sometimes uncomfortable for the viewer. I created the movies when “Jack Ass” and “Curb Your Enthusiasm” were out and about. As we know, today is a different time, and we are generally more sensitive about stepping over borders and being unpolite. I think art should be able to make people uncountable and interrupt their comfort zone a little. Not rudely or stupidly, just with a good intention. And Brian Kerstetter plays a character who does precisely this.

Home 1

Home 1 (2005) is a story about a guy who can no longer distinguish between his reality and fiction. Locked in a hotel room, he tells stories about himself and things other people told him. His narration builds the connection between all the different strange adventures. Originally, Home 1 is a double projection, black and white on one screen and color on the other. But, after I completed the other Home movies, I re-edited Home 1 into a single film to present all three movies as a trilogy on one screen.

Home 2

Home 2 (2007) tells the story of a western tourist traveling around the world. He observes unknown situations in his limited personal way, often confusing reality with his idea of how things should be. Metaphorically just something we all have to deal with all the time. To understand the complexity of our surroundings and accept that the different realities can be colorful and confusing. We have only one brain, one limited way of making sense of the world, unfortunately. But again, Brian does it charmingly and innocently; he is not a bad guy at all.

Home 3

The last of the three movies is Home 3 (2012). It is a dedication and love letter to New York City. The place I love and used to live and work for 16 years. Besides, you don’t have to travel the world to find strange stories; New York is full of them. This movie was commissioned by All Art Collection. If you want to watch it, please get in touch with studio@olafbreuning.com.