The Flowers could be a small homage to Andy Warhol. He is one of my favorite artists from the last century. I like him because his artworks are uncomplicated and straightforward. I tried to connect my Flowers to the Clouds, another large metal artwork of mine. Figure out a way how to build large metal sculptures with a light structure. They are indeed not light in weight but considering the dimensions, a reasonable way to create something significant without tons of material. To go round and three-dimensional with metal is very labor and material intensive. The way I build my sculptures is, for me, the perfect way to stay flexible and create large outdoor sculptures without making things very complicated. I try to follow Andy Warhol and try to remain uncomplicated and straightforward.

Flowers, 2016, Lacquered aluminum, 248 x 284 x 154 cm (97.64 x 11.81 x 60.63 in.)