I was always a fan of silent movies and the physical activity of the actors at those times. Most of the energy came from the fact that the black and white films from the beginning of the last century are seeded up a little. So it looks like people are constantly nervous and in a hurry. And the classical music made it even more dramatic. However, the talents of Actors like Buster Keaton or Charlie Chaplin are with no doubt unique and intense. As often, if something inspires me in the world out there, I want to adapt it and transform it into my language. I knew a bunch of talented people in Schaffhausen, the city I was born, which been perfect for making a small funny short movie called The Apple. Monika Stahel is a collector of old things and she provided all the interior materials to make the set look like from another time. As one of the main actors, Ingrid Wettstein played an old lady, joined by other very talented young actors. To make the whole production look more old-fashioned, I put a dirt filter over the footage in post-production and accompanied the move with classical piano music.

At the same time, I shot another small clip for my ongoing movie, Home 2. at this beautiful set. You can go to my film section and watch Home 2 there.

The first time I presented The Apple at Kodama Gallery in Tokyo, 2006. For that show, we built a wooden film projector. Inside was a video projector and some speakers. The second time I showed this work at a group show in 2013 at Sean Kelly Gallery in New York. This sculpture is an edition of two.

The Apple, 2006 Wood, hardware, projector, soundsystem, digital video “The Apple”, 11:05 minutes 2 Ed.: 80 x 120 x 180 cm (31 5 x 47 4 x 70 6 in.)