Humans And Animals

This is a new series of AI-generated Photocollages that talks about the ambivalent relationship between humans to animals and the fun factor of early premature technology. Those Collages are an extension of my Paintings about Nature and the “Sad And Worried Animals” Sculptures. For all eight works, “Elephants,” “Dolphins,” “Crocodiles,” “Polar Bears,” “Owls,” “Tigers,” “Horses,” and “Dogs” shown on this page, I submitted the following phrase to Dall E. “Woman or Man with a big smile doing a handstand on …”. The fascinating part of AI-generated images is the imperfection of the resulting creations. In the spirit of my creative language, the images generated are often surprisingly freakish. It is impressive what these new AI tools can deliver today but also apparent that we are still at the beginning of a new way to create visual worlds. As in most of my previous works, I talk about my relationship with my surroundings and try to process it with my biological unreliable brain. It is refreshing to see that Dall E is even more unreliable right now. But I assume soon, the AI toddler will grow into an AI teenager and end up being a serious adult. As for the moment, it is a perfect tool for me to use and talk about our relationship with animals. Some of them we love, others we eat, and some we are afraid of. It is a strange relationship. Also connected to an old work from 2005 “We Are Such Animals,” which I still believe has a grain of truth in it.  

Humans And Elephants

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Humans And Dolphins

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Humans And Crocodiles

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Humans And Polar Bears

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Humans And Tigers

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Humans And Horses

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Humans And Dogs

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Humans And Owls

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